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Division Gets 4/5 In WMB Grouptest

by Andy Gowan / Monday, 15 September 2014 / Published in Media, News

Not a bad start, eh?

The Zealous Division is featured in ‘Hardcore 29er Hardtails’ grouptest in the current What Mountain Bike (issue 165, Sept. 2014) and we scored a rather nice 4 out of 5!

Up against competition from established brands, it was always going to be hard for us, but we got third overall in the test coming behind 2 bikes that are significantly more expensive and from way bigger companies. A win would have been amazing obviously, but we’re stoked with the result – especially as the Division is, in our opinion, a much more specific & focussed beast than the 2 bikes placing higher – more aggressive with a focus on smashing technical trails to bits. We think they got it right, and we’re really happy with the summary:

“Laser accurate and agile hardcore hardtail that’s brilliant for skilled trail bombers but unforgivingly stiff”

and particularly happy with this quote:

“A ferociously fast, involving and rewarding ride”

Check out the review below.