Division gets awesome review on Singletrackworld.com

by Andy Gowan / Saturday, 14 March 2015 / Published in Media, News

The boys at Singletrack have had one of our Division test bikes on test for about 3 months, and have said some damned nice things about it!

Here’s a couple of choice quotes:

The precise handling of the Division made navigating or roosting the rock gardens easy 

The short back end keeps everything in check and makes the tight snappy turns a hoot, while the large wheels roll over root sections easily 

 Overall: A 29in hardtail that feels like it has smaller wheels. It can take the rough and tumble of pretty much anything and is playful and fun. 

You can read the whole review here: Singletrackworld Zealous Division Review

You can also watch the video that Singletrack’s Richard did on the bike: