Division MKII Review on MTBnews.de

by Andy Gowan / Thursday, 24 November 2016 / Published in Media, News

Provided your German is upto scratch, you’ll be able to read a tidy little review of our Division MKII….

For those of you who didn’t pay attention in school, here’s some translated quotes:

A ride feeling that was a blend between 180mm spring travel, plus tires and rocket technology! 

The Zealous Division is extreme in every respect and a first-class machine. Anyone who embarks on the character of a 29er BMX will be rewarded with a short while, reflexes and driving technique. And here, too, the circle closes with regard to the characteristics of our friends from GB: In the case of the Zealous Division, it is necessary to evade the establishment and its specifications to build a wheel, which is perhaps only a small community Trailjunkies , But this spits with a fat grin from the forest! The same is known in the automotive sector of dynamic icons such as SuperSeven, Caterham or Lotus Elise and these are known to come from a not so small island in the North Atlantic … well done! 

You can read the whole review here: MTBnews.de Zealous Division MKII Review