Sherpa Chainguide Plate

The world’s first downloadable 3D print cycling component? We can’t think of any others.

3D printing is taking over the world. You can print in nylon, titanium and even chocolate. There is even talk of 3D printing on the moon using moon dust. Seriously.

Product designers have progressively been using 3D printing more and more as part of their development process and we’re no different. During the development of the Sherpa chainguide we prototyped several versions and found that the nylon 3D prints were durable enough to work in real life without any further development. This has enabled us to keep production costs down and offer you a perfectly functioning and durable component at an extremely low price.

The method of purchasing is also unique:

  • Step 1: Download the 3D print file from our shop for £1.
  • Step 2: You get the chainguide 3D printed in the material of your choice* – we recommend nylon and not chocolate!
  • Step 3: Fit to your bike and go ride.

*Visit our partner company for a quote and tell them we sent you!

Sherpa Chainguide Details:

Ever had to take a file or Dremel to your brand new (and expensive) chainguide to make it fit properly? We have on numerous occasions. When developing the Zealous Division frame we found that the chainguides we wanted to use didn’t quite work perfectly: they were too wide against the chain and rubbed against the crank tabs, especially with smaller chainrings. So, we took an existing chainguide and redesigned it to work faultlessly.

The Sherpa chainguide is intended to replace the outer chainguide piece on several common chainguides, including:

  • DMR Viral
  • Superstar Components XCR
  • M:Part Single Ring XC

Sherpa Guide Features:

  • The World’s first downloadable 3D print cycling component
  • Upgrade your generic chainguide
  • Specifically designed for narrow 10 spd chains
  • Added crank clearance when using smaller chainrings
  • Alignment with chain made easy with specifically located viewing window
  • Works with smaller chainrings – down to 32T.

Sherpa Chainguide Plate

Download the Sherpa chainguide upgrade plate now - only £1! One of the most cost effective bicycle related purchases you'll ever make...