WTB TCS Rim Tape


WTB TCS Tubeless Rim Tape

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11m rolls of tough and durable tubeless rim tape – enough for 4-5 wheels depending on rim diameter.

Available in various widths to accommodate different internal rim widths:

  • 28mm wide for WTB i-23, or 23mm internal width rims
  • 30mm wide for WTB i-25, or 25mm internal width rims
  • 34mm wide for WTB i-29, or 29mm internal width rims
  • 40mm wide for WTB i-35, or 35mm internal width rims
  • 45mm wide for WTB i-40, or 40mm internal width rims
  • 50mm wide for WTB i-45, or 45mm internal width rims

If using non WTB rims, choose a tape width approx 5mm wider than your rims internal width.

For best results, fit and trim tape, then inflate tyre on the rim with an inner tube to firmly press the tape into place. Remove tube after 30 minutes and set up tubeless system as normal.

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28mm, 30mm, 34mm, 40mm, 45mm, 50mm